Sunday, May 18, 2008

Corona loves her new fur sister!

Corona has settled in well at her forever home. Here's what her new mom had to say:

Hello there!

Things with Corona and Duchess are great. They’ve become two peas in a pod over the last few months and sometimes it have problems telling one from the other.

People at the dog beach love the two of them and I get so many comments and compliments. Corona has taken to playing a water game with me where she sees if she can swim to Michigan before I catch her. But it’s been so much fun and Duchess and I can’t imagine being without her. - Kelley

Wednesday, May 9, 2007



Corona on the other hand, LOVES her crate. She will chew little toys or shoes if she gets too bored and she will do damage if she is left out and there is a thunderstorm. So when we leave we always crate her and she loves her crate.

Corona would be excellent with kids, and she is fantastic on recall. But she is still scared of loud sounds and fire (grills, fire pits, etc.) She would be a very easy dog and loves to run and play. She would be a good in a multi-dog family as she is always trying to play with Buddy. Last summer Corona would go with us to the playground and climb the equipment with our daughter, it was so cute. We don't have many good pictures of Corona as she is camera shy.


Buddy just turned 10 on April 14th. But he has lots of energy. He would make an excellent field trail dog with some training on recall without a shock collar. When he goes hunting he has always worn a shock collar but I think those are not allowed in Field Trials. Buddy does not like to be crated or kept in smaller areas. Buddy has never damaged anything in the house when he
is left alone.